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By Jon-Michail

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are heading for the divorce courts and the brand damage being inflicted is all out in the open and for all to see.

Hollywood is a unique place with a unique set of unwritten rules and what’s at stake in this latest drama is who will win the public relations battle and come out at the other end bigger, better and sexier…. that is the reality when you are a mega Hollywood celebrity.

Cruise, worth an estimated $300m has the most to lose and some media are already having a field day supporting the attempted trashing of his personal brand.  Only time will tell how it all turns out, however you can be sure that the biggest winner in this affair will be Katie and the celebrity mags that are having a field day.

Image management Hollywoodstyle has always been a Machiavelian game especially for superbrand celebrities and this current episode has much to be still played out.

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