Pope Benedict XVI

The Pope has warned parents against giving children celebrity-inspired names and urged them to turn to the Bible for inspiration.

While names such as Sienna and Scarlett have become fashionable, Pope Benedict XVI called for a return to tradition. During Mass at the Sistine Chapel, he described a name as being akin to an ”indelible seal” that set children on a lifelong ”journey of religious faith”.

Celebrity names such as Ashton – after actor Ashton Kutcher – and Lily – after singer Lily Allen – have been growing in popularity.

In Italy, children are often named after saints considered to be a guiding force in their life, but the tradition is increasingly under threat.

I don’t always agree with the Pope’s comments, but on this subject I can see where he is coming from. Personal names are an integral part in “positioning” an individual in their life journey. Like the church promotes “saintly” names to influence parishioners to stay within their faith, Hollywood and the celebrity culture promote their idea of faith by influencing their target market to their “beliefs”.

As most of us probably didn’t have a choice in our family given names, we most likely have not considered altering it. If you sense your name is not in sync with your personal brand and “end game” just know that you have a choice; if you desire a new one …you can change it.

We know from professional experience that this story may create emotional turmoil with people, however, if your spirit feels that it may not be right for you,  then you may decide to experiment with some other choices.

Your name is part of your personal brand. Corporations, religious organisations, sporting clubs, governments and Hollywood all use “name branding” as part of their strategic plan to achieve greater money, power and influence, individuals can also do similar, after all, it is your perogative.