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Richard Branson Articles

Building your personal brand in the Asian market

By Jon Michail Most sustainable relationships between Australia and Asia are primarily based on interactions and associations. Therefore it is important to have a credible personal brand for instant impact. There are three components in building a credible personal...

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The new business world is disruptive – are you up for it?

By Jon Michail The concept of disruptive business has been rising in popularity in recent years and now it's the daily conversation, as companies attempt to use it as a tool to be seen and to be heard. Disruption is not the mindless destruction of a stable structure...

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You’re a Celebrity Rockstar Too

By Jon Michail Sometimes the sky’s not your limit. You’re not looking to become a Hollywood star. You simply have to be The One in your field of expertise and even more so if your talents warrant it. What could be more satisfying – and ultimately more rewarding – than...

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Promoting Richard’s Virgin Brand

By Jon-Michail Richard Branson has it all; money, power, influence and a love of life. He is the unabashed public face of his company and brand ambassadors like him are known to do more than just smile for the cameras. For instance, his high profile visits to India...

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Do Uniform Codes Matter?

Is there anyone in Australia who hasn’t been required to wear a uniform at one time or another? Most of us have not-so-fond memories of school uniforms that were itchy, synthetic, shapeless, expensive, seemingly designed by an alien and all-round hideous. Along with...

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