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Protocol & Etiquette Articles

Protocol, Etiquette, and Authentic Image Management

By Jon Michail   We engage in protocol and etiquette daily; whether we do so effectively or not is another matter. Observing protocol and etiquette is about much more than just knowing which fork to use at a dinner party – although if you do find yourself dining...

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Let’s do lunch and discover if we can work together

By Jon Michail The search for outstanding talent is fierce, even more so if you run an SME. How good are you at choosing and hiring people for your team? Apart from the qualifications and previous experience on offer, what else helps you to make the right choice? The...

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Facebook Founder’s Image is Right for Him

By Jon-Michail Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook Inc. Mark Zuckerberg's dress sense is making the money men of Wall Street nervous and it is not surprising. The current economic climate is becoming a real challenge for many businesses and any perception that the...

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MLB implements dress code for media

Baseball becomes first sport to issue dress code guidlines for media. Major League Baseball created and passed a dress code for members of the media recently, and the guidelines are the first of its kind among the four major North American professional sports leagues...

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