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Positive Psychology Articles

What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Sport Stars

As a business person, what will you, be doing two decades from now? Will you be a star entrepreneur in your industry? Will your business have become a top contender? Strange as it may seem, if you start thinking like a sports star, you may become one of the elite....

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Image Group International – In the News

How to order wine at a business lunch By Sylvia Pennington | Fairfax Media - goodfood   Sylvia Pennington explores the politics and etiquette of ordering wine at a business lunch. Making sure your guests are well watered, as well as well fed, is part of the art...

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Grounded Realism Vs Delusional Optimism

Obama's Delusional Optimism Awareness is the first step to freedom... and with the economic crisis facing Europe and USA its essential that Australians become better aware of the potential challenges heading our way. The times are changing quickly and we must be a...

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