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Politics Articles

Politicians in blue ties, earning their stripes

The ‘men in blue ties' in politics are getting a lot of attention these days especially since Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard raised them again as an issue in a speech last week. During that time I was conducting a seminar on this hot media topic and the...

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Don’t believe what I say, just vote for me

Unfortunately political spin doctoring has replaced authenticity; that can only be negative for society. The following article  is a good illustration. By Leo D-Angelo Fisher Modern political leaders and back-room apparatchiks seem convinced that voters favour style...

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What is the essence of leadership?

  The essence of leadership is not easy to define. It depends on what the leader is leading, or is aiming to lead. Mitt Romney is the embodiment of someone who aimed to lead a country while displaying behaviour that we more readily recognise in a CEO. Jonathon...

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Image Group International – In the News

How to order wine at a business lunch By Sylvia Pennington | Fairfax Media - goodfood   Sylvia Pennington explores the politics and etiquette of ordering wine at a business lunch. Making sure your guests are well watered, as well as well fed, is part of the art of...

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Image Group International – In the news

Doodled signatures leave a poor mark: Lessons from US Treasury secretary-designate Lew’s poor penmanship By Patrick Stafford | 11 January, 2013 With smartphones and tablets now the default communication tools of the day, many entrepreneurs don’t think about whether...

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