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Personal Brand Management Articles

Building a Personal Brand as a Project Manager

by Jon Michail I recently conducted a seminar for the Project Managers Institute (PMI) in Queensland and discovered that the idea of personal branding for many project managers is not only frightening, but unnecessary and pointless. Those who subscribe to this belief...

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You have a career: Now you need an agent

Or so says Jon Michail who’s making a name for himself as an advocate for regular professionals. By Melissa Golden  |  June 11, 2015 We all read of actors and sports stars engaging the services of a good agent to negotiate contracts and provide general guidance and...

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Eleven ways to grow your personal brand right now

Do you know where the heart of your brand lies? Try looking in the mirror. Yes – it’s you. No one else is going to reflect your personal brand. Just you. So how do you shape and construct your brand so that it is you? Technology has wrought some inescapable changes in...

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How technology reinvents Monica Lewinsky and her personal brand

During a past coaching session with a “dishonoured” client that had reputation issues, the discussion turned to how we can positively reshape their perception in the marketplace due to past indiscretions. We started by defining their current-personal brand DNA, and...

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