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LinkedIn Articles

How to Train an Elephant

By Jon-Michail Have you ever noticed how circus elephants are tethered by a light chain that is attached to a steel spike driven into the ground? A young elephant would have no difficulty pulling the spike out or breaking the chain, yet fully grown elephants are...

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Top 20 Do’s and Don’ts When Using LinkedIn (Part 2)

By Jon Michail In this issue we introduce you to Part 2 of this article, Part 1 was released on Wednesday 30th December 2015 which opened the discussion about whether you are using LinkedIn to its fullest potential. Tips 11 – 20 are below: 11. Share yourself. LinkedIn...

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Top 20 Do’s and Don’ts When Using LinkedIn (Part 1)

By Jon Michail Is there anyone who isn’t yet using LinkedIn? And if you are, do you use it as anything more than a resume? Used properly, LinkedIn is a powerful tool that enables you to connect with people who can help you to advance your career, build valuable...

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BEWARE: Fake personal brands – online

By Jon Michail Do you tell falsehoods? Have you ever been tempted to exaggerate just a tiny bit on your webpage, your LinkedIn account or your Twitter or Facebook profiles? And if you have, do you even care that your family and close friends know that you are a...

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Promoting Richard’s Virgin Brand

By Jon-Michail Richard Branson has it all; money, power, influence and a love of life. He is the unabashed public face of his company and brand ambassadors like him are known to do more than just smile for the cameras. For instance, his high profile visits to India...

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