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Leadership Articles

Authentic Leadership is Missing… Have You Noticed?

By Jon Michail Remember when mission statements were The Thing? I remember thinking how cringe-worthy and tacky most of them were while conducting workshops for our clients. They didn’t read well or sound good or inspire any sort of belief in me let alone their staff...

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Why You Need an Executive Business Coach

  By Jon-Michail You know you have all the skills and capabilities required for your job, but sometimes you need just a little extra help and guidance to help you along the corporate track. Who will you ask? It would be simple if you were an athlete – you’d ask...

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Blow your own horn – but no “humble bragging”

Have you ever heard of the ‘humblebrag’?  This unattractive phenomenon has evolved in recent years due to the ever-increasing use of social media, particularly in Twitter and Facebook.  It appears when a contributor tries to brag without bragging, which sounds rather...

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Do you need a new career plan?

5 Steps To Help You Plan Your Career The saying goes that failing to plan is planning to fail so if you've not given much thought to where your career might be headed there's never been a better time to grow your personal brand and create your career plan. It is...

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Building your personal brand in the Asian market

By Jon Michail Most sustainable relationships between Australia and Asia are primarily based on interactions and associations. Therefore it is important to have a credible personal brand for instant impact. There are three components in building a credible personal...

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How NOT to Look Like a Leader – You Decide

President Barack Obama has many important issues at hand and it seems his choice of a tan suit last week during a press conference was the least of his problems, even if it was the wrong choice. The real challenges he faces in Iraq, Syria and Ukraine are beyond the...

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