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Jon Michail Articles

You have a career: Now you need an agent

Or so says Jon Michail who’s making a name for himself as an advocate for regular professionals. By Melissa Golden  |  June 11, 2015 We all read of actors and sports stars engaging the services of a good agent to negotiate contracts and provide general guidance and...

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Building the best brand money can buy

By Jon Michail | Think & Grow Rich Magazine The best way to build a brand is to make sure it’s worth investing in before you start. According to Picos Digital, throwing money at a brand in the short-term can have some benefit and throwing tons of money can even...

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Top seeds cashing in on endorsements

11 January 2014 | Herald Sun THE biggest names in tennis will juggle business strategies with game plans ahead of next week’s Australian Open. From humble plugs for confectionery to lucrative endorsements with hotel chains and car companies, the first grand slam event...

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Rediscover the authentic YOU

By Jon-Michail When was the last time you felt as though you were being yourself? I mean the real you, natural and unadulterated; the authentic YOU. Do you feel as though you’re putting on a show for everyone out there? Then, at night, as you’re fighting to get to...

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Seven signs that it’s time to say goodbye

By Jon-Michail How did you feel when you won your present job? Hopefully you were excited because you saw it as a new challenge.  On the other hand, you may have experienced an immense feeling of relief that at last you’d managed to escape from your difficult or...

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