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The Right Image for the Job

By Jon Michail We asked Elizabeth Hanson, owner of a successful consulting company, if she thought image really was everything when it came to business. She said: I remember when we were interviewing for a new sales manager. My receptionist had just called to say she...

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Why can’t you get the RIGHT job?

by Jon Michail Are you finding it hard to get a new job or even the right job? It’s pretty savage out there at the moment – just look at the current illinois unemployment levels. Even with a great CV and on-trend skills, you’re just one amongst the dozens of others...

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IGI in the News | Designer clothing linked to career success

By Tijan Biner | 8 May 2015 | upstart A study suggests luxury clothing gives job seekers a better chance at employment. Tijan Biner examines whether designer brands can make or break a career. New research suggests people who wear expensive or luxury brand clothing to...

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