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Disruptive Businesses Articles

The new business world is disruptive – are you up for it?

By Jon Michail The concept of disruptive business has been rising in popularity in recent years and now it's the daily conversation, as companies attempt to use it as a tool to be seen and to be heard. Disruption is not the mindless destruction of a stable structure...

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10 Ways to Build a Disruptive Personal Brand

By Jon Michail A personal brand doesn't have to be boring or simple and fit in with the flock, where your personality is a clone of whatever archetype you’re perceived as being. Build a creative disruptive brand, a brand with vibrancy, with a sense of modernity, that...

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Why creative disruption is transforming business

By Jon Michail Telstra’s retiring boss David Thodey recently said he has no regrets from his six years at the helm, but is the first to admit that some things might have gone better. Even so, during that time, Telstra’s market cap has doubled – almost to $80bn – and a...

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