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How to order wine at a business lunch By Sylvia Pennington | Fairfax Media - goodfood   Sylvia Pennington explores the politics and etiquette of ordering wine at a business lunch. Making sure your guests are well watered, as well as well fed, is part of the art of...

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A Great Keynote Speech

By Jon-Michail A keynote speech is excellent for your personal and corporate brand entrancement and does more than is immediately obvious. Not only does it give an audience an indication about what they can expect from the occasion, but it also helps to set the tone...

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Facebook Founder’s Image is Right for Him

By Jon-Michail Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook Inc. Mark Zuckerberg's dress sense is making the money men of Wall Street nervous and it is not surprising. The current economic climate is becoming a real challenge for many businesses and any perception that the...

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BRANDED… Why showing too much skin can be career limiting

Some recent research from the UK indicates that overuse of the cleavage can be a career killer in the workplace – My professional view on this subject has been  “do what is appropriate” for the situation. Showing too much skin in the workplace has nearly ALWAYS been a...

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Body language reveals angry non-verbal communication

Latham confonts Gillard Mark Latham has done it again, unfortunately he did not learn his lesson from his past shaking hands faux-pas with the ex-Prime Minister John Howard. Last Saturday, Mr. Latham confronted the Prime Minister Julia Gillard during an election...

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