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Barack Obama Articles

How NOT to Look Like a Leader – You Decide

President Barack Obama has many important issues at hand and it seems his choice of a tan suit last week during a press conference was the least of his problems, even if it was the wrong choice. The real challenges he faces in Iraq, Syria and Ukraine are beyond the...

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Politicians in blue ties, earning their stripes

The ‘men in blue ties' in politics are getting a lot of attention these days especially since Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard raised them again as an issue in a speech last week. During that time I was conducting a seminar on this hot media topic and the...

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Image Group International – In the news

Doodled signatures leave a poor mark: Lessons from US Treasury secretary-designate Lew’s poor penmanship By Patrick Stafford | 11 January, 2013 With smartphones and tablets now the default communication tools of the day, many entrepreneurs don’t think about whether...

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