Following on with Tourism Australia‘s coup to bring Oprah Winfrey down under, it may be the oppurtune time to also launch Australia’s new image with a special appearance on the show with the Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s de facto step daughter Staci Child. I can already see the success of   her appearance; Ms. Child could become a brand ambassador for Australia; the multiple tatoos and piercings, the rebelious look all will communicate to the world how “free and liberated” we are to live in this lucky country even to the point where we can sabotage our bodies under the guise of creative freedom and youthful rebellion, receive national media coverage and in the process attract our fifteen minutes of fame. Fortunately in the real world the majority of Australians would recognise that Ms. Childs look is not visually empowering or creative but more the attitude of a “rebel without a cause” and has no correlation to the Australia we know, even when we attempt to promote it as modern.

Wild Child is now a flag barer.