Australia – Come Play 2022 Bid Video

A powerful combination!
Australia’s World Cup Bid announcement for 2022 is days away and the “Image Campaign”  has been earnestly on display in the last few months with slick presentations telling the world that Australia is the place to be. All will be revealed about how effective the Australian bid has been on Dec 2 in Zurich when the winner is announced – from a professional perspective, you can always argue at times about how the Australian Bid Team has gone about in its approach, but if Australia wins, it will no longer matter. The FFA Chairman, Frank Lowy speaking to the media said “If we win, I can’t tell you what it will do for Australia. It has the potential to be a nation-transforming event. The potential to advance Australia’s football, business and cultural links to the region is enormous. It will deliver benefits for this generation and generations of Australians not yet born.”

If the bid fails I predict there will be much soul searching and finger pointing from many in the game, including politicians and business; whatever happens, this is a wonderful opportunity to further brand soccer and sport in general in Australia and around the world and the biggest financial investment in this part of the world since the Sydney Olympics… Go Aussies!

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