I have recently arrived back from China, and what I experienced during my visit was entrepreneurship spinning out of control; going gangbusters!

I also read a recent article in BRW, “Australia discourages entrepreneurs,” and instantly thought ‘how can that be?’ followed by ‘what’s new?’  If you are an Aussie innovator, creator or entrepreneur that’s how it’s always been for as long as I can remember.

I was just hoping things would have changed somewhat over the years but the stats indicate otherwise.

The study illustrates the danger of this practise especially now where we as a nation should be more competitive and innovative ; how much economic trouble Australia could have been in if we didn’t have China with its entrepreneurial spirit  and entrepreneurs doing business with us right now buying our products and services, particularly our resources.

In the short term – we can thank our lucky stars that we are part of Asia and having China so close to us will continue to help Australia’s economic growth.  As long as our Asian neighbours keep on buying from us we will continue to be one the few success stories from the present worldwide financial crisis even when the stats indicate how challenging it can be to be an Aussie entrepreneur.

What do you think of the study findings? Have you ever had similar experiences in your entrepreneurial endeavours?

Australia discourages entrepreneurs