The sequel to the original Wall Street cinema hit is about to be screened around the world and again we will witness the real beauty, elegance and power of  “dressing to influence”.

If still amazes me how people with over-blown opinions mistake those opinions with “knowing”.

Hear it from me, once and for all; Dressing for Success pays big dividends, it makes little difference if its in Wall Street or Main Street it’s all the same. Success demands a distinctive visual code that says “I belong here as apposed to I just work here”.

Study the people that project the influence you respect and you will mainly discover looks that are classic and timeless; investment dressing- fashions change but style is forever.

During the movie  look out  for the wardrobe distinctions that speak “influence and power” versus “down and out”, its all part of the game, there are no mistakes as said style is forever.

A Cut Above

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps – Official Trailer