Does the Personal Brand of the leader matter for an organisation?

This is a question that frequently pops up in leadership conversations with our clients. In Australia during the past  month this specific question  has been raised for retailer David Jones and their board after their ex-CEO departed in controversial circumstances.

David Jones had to relinquish the services of their  CEO Mark McInnes because of an alleged sexual harassment complaint by one of their junior staff members PR consultant Kristy Fraser-Kirk, consequently David Jones has suffered much corporate brand damage and Mr. McInnes an irreparable demolition of his reputation.

Recently an even bigger case has erupted in the USA about the Chairman & CEO Mark Hurd of Hewlett-Packard .

The company’s stock plummeted almost 10% last Friday on the news of Mr Hurd’s resignation, costing HP billion dollar loses.

Follow the link below from the New York Times and make up your own mind if the Personal Brand of the leader matters for an organisation.

HP Boss Resigns Amid Expenses Scandal