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We are always creating new images for our clients with our holistic approach to image transformation. Below are several of our Personal Brand transformations that have been recently published in the general media.

Dress Smart, Win Big

Our holistic approach to Personal Branding and Image Transformation means that we can create an image for you that guarantees you the power to influence.

Our tips - aim for a professional look for business, depending upon your needs and objectives; We determine your colours and help you to use them to your advantage; Elegance in your style is universally appealing and timeless; In your personal life, dress to impress depending upon the occasion, accentuate your natural image and personality and keep the focus on the positives.

Real People Makeovers

Executive Makeovers

Step Up, Step Out™
Evelyn - Finance Consultant
Richard - Scientist/Entrepreneur
Before After Before After
Evelyn Before Evelyn After Richard Before Richard After
Theresa - Banker
Why climb the career ladder when you can take the elevator?
Before After
Theresa Before Theresa After
Merv - Mortgage Consultant
Lynne - Financial Consultant
Before After Before After
Merv Before Merv After Lynne Before Lynee After
Jennifer - Advertising Executive
Gwen - Entertainment Agent
Before After Before After
Jennifer Before Jennifer After Gwen Before Gwen After
Life is too short to sabotage your image
Rebecca - Magazine Editor
Before After
Rebecca Before Rebecca After
Daniella - Web Designer
Cheryl - Administration Manager
Before After Before After
Daniella Before Daniella After Cheryl Before Cheryl After
Annamaria - Graphic Designer
Keesha - Publishing Assistant
Before After Before After
Annamaria Before Annamaria After Keesha Before Keesha After
Marianne - Marketing Consultant
Wendy - Accounts Manager
Before After Before After
Marianne Before Marianne After Wendy Before Wendy After
In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.
Moriel - Student
Before After
Moriel Before Moriel After

Business Makeovers

"Playing the Game"
Bill Gates - Founder Microsoft
Margaret Jackson - Past-Chairman Qantas
Before After Before After
Bill Gates Before Bill Gates After Margaret Jackson Before Margaret Jackson After

Political Makeovers

"Power & Influence"
Maxine McKew - Member of Parliment, Australia
Julia Gillard - Deputy Prime Minister, Australia
Before After Before After
Maxine McKew Before Maxine McKew After Julia Gillard Before Julia Gillard After
Helen Clark - Prime Minister of New Zealand
It's better for the whole world to know you... than never to be known at all.
Before After
Helen Clarke Before Helen Clarke After
Hillary Clinton - Senator, USA
Al Gore - Senator, USA
Before After Before After
Hillary Clinton Before Hillary Clinton After Al Gore Before Al Gore After

Sports Makeovers

"Leveraging the Brand off the Field"
Ben Cousins - AFL Footballer
Brendan Fevola - AFL Footballer
Before After Before After
Ben Cousins Before Ben Cousins After Brendan Fevola Before Brendan Fevola After
Libby Lenton - Australian Olympic Swimmer
Before After
Libby Lenton Before Libby Lenton After

Celebrity Makeovers

"Life's a Stage"
Delta Goodrem
Katie Holmes
Before After Before After
Delta Goodrem Before Delta Goodrem After Katie Holmes Before Katie Holmes After
Kelly Osborne
Leigh Hall
Before After Before After
Kelly Osborne Before Kelly Osborne After Leigh Hall Before Leigh Hall After
Omarosa - The Apprentice
Before After
Omarosa Before Omarosa After
Note: The transformations are an example of the power of the makeover. They were either transformed by Image Group International, IGI associates and/or other professionals from our industry.

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